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What is this workshop about?

A 4 hour exclusive workshop specifically designed for business founders who wants to

Who is this workshop for?

Workshop Agenda​

This 4 hour workshop will be delivered on 30th March, 2024 from 3pm – 7pm at Chennai

Your Trainer and Coach
  • Soundar Subramanian an International Coaching Federation(ICF) certified Professional Coach(PCC), Gallup Global Strengths Coach, Certified Neuroscience Coach, NLP practitioner, and an experienced Mentor having 3 decades of work experience across industries in leading Programs, Techno-Functional roles, Consulting, Sales and People Management.
  • Since 2018 coaching Leaders, Executives, and Business Founders and works with them to experience Freedom from Stuck state through their Strengths and Willful Heart.
  • On a mission to assist 2000+ Executives, Leaders and Business Founders to transcend and leverage Potential for Growth, Expansion, Employee Engagement and to experience Empowerment and Extraordinariness by taking and executing bold decisions.
  • Helping clients to get to know their Blind-Spots, dominant Strengths and lesser Strengths and to pave their path for maximised personal and professional potential and in changing current life conditions with clarity, focus, attention and determination
Vocation and Profession
  • Enabling Break-throughs to clients through Coaching. 
  • Have partnered with 140+ clients, who are Executives, Leaders and Entrepreneurs.
  • Possess over 1300 hours of coaching experience.
  • Clients span across globe – Singapore, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Asia, US, Canada, and Europe.

Join the Virtual Workshop

The workshop will be broadcasted live via ZOOM. So, if you prefer to join online, you may do that as well! This way, if you wish, you may avoid the commute and join the workshop at the comfort of your home.


Normal investment: Rs 7000
Special Investment (If Register before Jan 30th): Rs 5,000
Investment for attend via zoom:Rs 2,500

“I possess the skills to identify the obstacles hindering your progress and determine the right questions to navigate through them. My sessions offer a secure and non-judgmental environment where you can openly address your challenges and aspirations. I provide actionable strategies and a structured plan to help you achieve your desired life goals.”
  • Individuals seeking a healthy work-life balance.
  • Those experiencing high home-induced stress affecting their work performance.
  • Individuals aiming to cultivate the right mindset for skill expansion.
  • People striving for heightened energy levels and improved productivity.
  • Individuals aspiring to develop leadership skills.
  • Companies aiming to foster harmony among employees and departments.
  • A profound realization of their true potential.
  • Clear, defined goals along with a roadmap to attain them.
  • Liberation from constraining mindsets that hinder progress.
  • Strengthened connections among themselves.
  • An engaging, interactive, and inspiring experience that fuels motivation and engagement.
Yes, There are alternative dates available for scheduling sessions. We can explore options that align better with your schedule.
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